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About the Team

We Might Have A Renovation Obsession

Since we purchased our first homes, we fell in love with renovating. We get truly envious when our friends and family tell us they have a new project in mind. Since our wives, familys and kids have put a stop to our own constant remodeling, we started this company to transform our need to renovate into a way to make you renovation dreams come true.


Mike Brain

Mike learned his craft as a commercial and residential property/project manager. Unlike many managers in this position he had more fun getting his hands dirty working with the contractors than sitting behind his desk. With the job of maintaining 30 commercial and multifamily properties, Mike brings a wide range of construction knowledge and understanding to go with his hammer swinging skills.

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Jason Nesbitt

This joyful member of the team is a favorite among clients. They always bring positive energy and creative ideas with them to work. We couldn’t be happier to have Kris Ward on the team.

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